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Like Father Like Son

Well, I certainly hit the mother lode with this ‘IRVING’ folder. As well as the postcard and photo of my Great-Grandfather Hugh IRVING, I also found an envelope stuffed with primary sources – birth, marriage and death certificates (some of them originals). Seems my Dad was in correspondence with his second cousin Evelyn IRVING and his cousin Lizbeth HAY re the IRVING family tree.

Will take me a while to enter it all into my genealogy software of choice (MacFamilyTree), but I can already see that Frederick IRVING had a son called Hugh (after his Grandfather) and that he too joined the Forces, but this time in World War II.

In the envelope is a testimonial from his unit commander:

14363857 Serjeant IRVING, HUGH.

Joined this unit in August 1944 and has since served in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. A first class and dependable soldier in every way who has had an excellent record since being with the unit.

He has been employed as a fitter and through hard work has worked his way to his present rank.  He is honest, sober, clean and a first class organiser, and has shown great initiative in handling men.  Is intelligent and a good sport, and should be a great asset to any future employer.

[Signed] (FD PILE) Major, Comd 1st Royal Tank Regiment.
BAOR [British Army of the Rhine]    September 1946.

I’m sure his Dad, and his two Uncles who all died in World War I, would have been proud.