Old Family Photographs

What a great treasure old family photographs are!

Thankfully my Dad is still around to help me identify his Grandparents in the first photograph below, though when you look closely it seems obvious that the young girl on the right in the first one and the silver-haired woman on the right in the third one is one and the same person – my Great Aunt Muriel.

Also noticeable is the ‘RETTIE nose’ shared by my Great Grandfather and his son – and also my Dad and me too!

My Great Grandfather George RETTIE with his wife Elizabeth Findlay SMITH and their youngest child Muriel circa 1932

George RETTIE and his wife Charlotte Leeder IRVING

My Grandfather George RETTIE (seated) and his wife Charlotte Leeder IRVING (also seated), on their Wedding Day in 1929

From left to right: My Grandmother Charlotte Leeder IRVING, her husband George RETTIE, and his youngest sister Muriel RETTIE, at their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1979



  1. Jeanne Seymour Hanson

    My name is Jeanne Seymour Hanson. My grandmother was Euphemia Cossar Woods Finlayson Seymour, sister of James Henderson Finlayson. I noticed on a tweet that you were a cousin of my Uncle Jim. Where are we connected in the genealogy family lineage?


    • Stephen Rettie

      Hi Jeanne,

      The mother of James and Euphemia (or Effie as she is on the 1901 Census) was Isabella HENDERSON.

      She was the eldest daughter of James HENDERSON and Isabella WOOD.

      Their youngest daughter, Elizabeth Jackson HENDERSON, is my Great Grandmother.

      So, I believe that makes us third cousins!

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