Introduction to One-Name Studies

I’m getting excited about the ‘Introduction to One-Name Studies’ course run by Pharos Tutors which starts next week.

It’s an online distance learning course and I received the links to the course forum and chat room today. I’ve just signed in to the forum and left a post under the ‘Introduce Yourself’ topic. So far, there is a nice mix of fellow students both geographically and experience-wise.

I also purchased the recommended course reading book, which is ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’ – The Art of One-Name Studies published by the Guild of One-Name Studies.

I hope the course will provide the outline of a disciplined approach to conducting a One-Name Study, as it’s obviously a different approach to tracing a single family tree. I’m guessing there will be a recommended order of Census Records first then Statutory Records then Old Parish Records then other sources (e.g. Military Records). Or maybe just pick one set of records and don’t move on until you’ve documented all the entries for the surname you are researching. I’ve already made a start and documented all the OPR Births & Baptisms for RETTIE in Scotland – though I still have to do those damned surname deviants!

I’m also hoping the course will touch on what software to use to record and present your findings. At the moment I’m unsure as to the merits of either webtrees or TNG


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